Are you looking for a childminder to care for your child with love and all-round personal attention? Then you've come to the right place!

   We provide a caring and warm-hearted atmosphere for you child. Find out more about us and what we have to offer.

Hello and welcome to our website

   Hello and welcome to our website, here you will have the opportunity to view our service. We offer a wide variety of activities, both inside and outside, to help promote health and well-being and to encourage friendships, independance and resilience.  We strive to help and support all children and their families through our commitment  to achieving  positive outcomes for every child.  We have a large, secure garden which has toys and equipment suitable for every age and stage of development and many indoor activities to keep everyone busy if they wish.

   Call to us on 01369 702834 to make a personal appointment. Or use our contact form if you have any questions, requests or suggestions.


   From our beginnings to our current structure, the basic principles of our work is the interest common between parents and us and that have been adopted with enthusiasm for each and every one of us and
deeply engaged in education since your first steps are the most important.

The right opportunities for everyone

   To a large extent, our work has a purpose and is to strive every day more so that your children have the right opportunities through the commitment and enthusiasm of our work.

our purpose

   We provide the safety and well-being that you and your children need,our basic purpose is to facilitate the development of
children's personality in all its aspects, as well as promoting
their education.

About Us

   My name is Karen Santana, and myself and my husband are both registered childminder.

   We were registered by the care inspectorate in 2006


   We live in a bungalow in quiet place, and is completely child friendly and safe.



   I try to plan all activities a week in advace, We cover different themes on the month.





Our approach




   We aim to support your child's personal development and prepare him or her for the future.




About us


   My Service


    We work all the bank holiday, school holiday, and before school and after school. We also offer a pick/up and drop/off service to most of the local school and nurseries.

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   We live in a bungalow located in a very quiet and safe area where we have our private parking for our clients, we have made some changes in the house to make it completely child friendly and safe









   The children have the opportunity to engage in various activities while here.  We have a range of arts and craft materials, baking, modelling clay and jewlery making.  We are open to suggestions and ideas from you and your child to add on other activities they enjoy .






List of Policies


   Myself and Paco have compiled a list of policies which outlines our standards of care. We work towards the national care standards which are set out by the scottish executive, early education and childcare up to the age of 16. The main points of our policy are dignity, privacy, choice, safety, realising potential, equality and diversity.




Photo Album


   Throughout the years, we have had the opportunity to make excursions to lakes, surrounding mountains and playgrounds with children, we have taken photos of those moments.
This is a good way to share photos of your child with family and friends who may live far away and can not see your child on a regular basis. The photo album is safe and can only be viewed using your own unique password, this means that your child's photos are completely confidential.



Childcare Vouchers


Childcare Vouchers, which can be obtained from your employer if they are registered with these schemes. We also work together with James Watt College, Glasgow College , Argyll College and the Job Centre Plus.