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   Here you can find out about how we run things at We need your help to keep this organisation running as smoothly as possible!


 If you would like a place for your child, make an appointment and we will be happy to take the time to explain everything you need to know. You can make an appointment by phone or through our contact form. We look forward to your presence!



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What happens if my child is ill?

Young children inevitably get all kinds of minor infections. For a speedy recovery and to prevent other children from getting sick, sick children should stay home. Only when the fever has gone down for an entire day will your child be able to return. If the disease is infectious, we will need a doctor's note confirming that your child is no longer contagious.

What happens if i'm running late?



There are days when keeping time can be a struggle, especially when you have young children. If you know you will be picking up your child later than the usual time, please give us a call and let us know. Also, if something comes up at work and you need to stay longer, give us a call and let us know you will be late.

No discounts or overtime are charged as long as they contact us

Do I need to tell you about my holidays?

   When you and your child decide to have holidays we require 2 weeks notice.  We charge 50% for holidays, so if you dont give us any notice you will have to pay the full 100%.  If you decide to cancel the childminding contract with us, we also require 2 weeks notice.  Again, if you dont give us notice you are liable to pay the full 2 weeks fees in leiu of notice.

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